Friday, August 29, 2008

Diary as Blog/Blog as Diary

Recently began following a unique blog called The Orwell Prize. The Orwell Trust, Political Quarterly, and Media Standards Trust are posting entries from George Orwell's diary matching the current day in the calendar 50 years ago.

What has been most interesting? The mundane things that one of the 20th Century's great writers wrote about in his diary. Take today's entry for example:

Overcast & chilly. Heavy rain last night. Dahlias now in full bloom.


Commenting on the old-time country method of “Fruit Bottling without sugar,” B. A. Crang, Instructress in Fruit and Vegetable Preservation at the University of Bristol, says:
“This is bound to give unsatisfactory results in many cases, as cold water cannot destroy the impurities on the fruit and water itself also contains many impurities. During storage mould will probably grow and the fruit will be spoilt.
“A simple method of bottling fruit is to place the fruit in clean bottles, heat them in a warm oven (about 240 deg F) until the fruit has changed colour and looks cooked. The jars should then be filled quickly with boiling water or syrup, the rubber rings put in position and the lids fixed on securely. If the bottles have sealed correctly, the following day they can be lifted by their lids without the lids coming off.
“Fruit bottled in this way will keep indefinitely.”


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