Thursday, July 31, 2008

Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Let's play "Break That Stereotype":

- Family A is a white family. One parent is a Republican, the other is a Non-Affiliated voter.

- Family B is a black family. Both parents are Democrats.

Which family sends their kids to public schools? Which to private schools?

Family A is my family. Both parents are active in our children's public schools. My wife volunteers weekly in our daughter's classes. Each year, I teach Junior Achievement in my daughter's classes, I've been chair of the budget committee twice, and served on 2-3 other district committees. I am part of the team seeking to renew our local option bond measure on the fall ballot. We believe in public education, always have, and have no interest in putting our children in private school.

Family B is Barack and Michelle Obama.

"We need to focus on fixing and improving our public schools; not throwing our hands up and walking away from them." Barack Obama, Remarks to the 80th Convention of the American Federation of Teachers

"Obama’s daughters attend the University of Chicago Laboratory School, a private school. Malia is 10, and presumably just finished the fourth grade. Sasha is 7 and presumably just finished the first grade.

Standard full 2007-2008 tuition for grades one through four: $18,492.

For a fifth grader, it moves up to $20,286. If last year's rates apply to this fall, full tuition for both students for the coming year will be $38,778." Campaign Spot

The article also notes that the AVERAGE private elementary school tuition in America is $5,049.

It's always bugged me when so-called "supporters of public education" don't send their own children to public schools. We have a left-leaning friend that always complains about the lack of funding from the state and support for schools, so her solution is to home school. In Oregon, she deprives her school district of $6,000+ per year per kid by not sending the to public schools. District funding is based on enrollment.

Sending your kids to public schools is the #1 way to support public education. Send your kids, then get involved in your school and district.

For those that claim to be public education supporters but don't send their kids to public schools it's all about "Do as I say, not as I do."


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