Monday, August 27, 2007

Cool Story

Cool story from Scott Adams, creator of Dilbert:

Friday, August 17, 2007

Custom Ringtone

I've been trying to figure out how to either record directly to my phone via the mic or upload an audio file so I can have a custom ringtone. And I just mastered it! My ringtone is now a guitar riff with percussion that I recorded to GarageBand on the MacBook Pro. How sweet is it to have yourself playing as your ringtone?

Here's what I did:

- Exported the riff from GarageBand to iTunes
- Opened the file in Audacity, a free audio editing program
- Exported it from their as a WAV file
- Beamed it via Bluetooth from my computer to my phone

Pretty stoked to record some other riffs and make them ringtones.

It's the small things in life...

(Notice the use of "stoked" and "riffs" in the same sentence above? Who am I, Spicoli?)

Fountains of Wayne

Went to two concerts this week, fairly unheard of for me these days. Monday, my wife and I went to Toad the Wet Sprocket, which was an excellent show. Big Toad fan.

Last night, I went with my sister and her husband to see Fountains of Wayne, another excellent band and show. Here's a pic from that show taken with my camera. Despite the low resolution and fuzzy focus, I think it's kind of a cool pic.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

Enough is Enough

Today on the way home from work, I saw a pick-up truck (full size Toyota I believe) with Oregon plates and a bumper sticker that read:

Enough is Enough
Vote Democrat

I chuckled a little because of the following facts about Oregon politics:

- All statewide offices are held by Democrats (Gov, Sec. State, Treasurer, Atty General, State Sup. of Schools)
- Four of five congressional seats are held by Democrats
- One of two US Senate seats are held by Democrats (in fact, the only Republican US Senator on the west coast is from Oregon)
- Both the Oregon House and Oregon Senate are held by Democrats

So, perhaps he is thinking nationally. Certainly this could be a call against Pres. Bush, but at present no one can vote Democrat against Pres. Bush, in fact as a lame duck no one will ever be able to vote Democrat against him again.

And nationally, Democrats control both houses of Congress.

What's this guy complaining "Enough is Enough" about?

Oh, and the sticker wasn't some old faded thing. Still shiny and relatively new. If it was leftover from a year ago and related to Congress then maybe the guy should think about removing his out-of-date sticker.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Boys of Winter

Picked up Boys of Winter, by Wayne Coffey, last Friday evening on an impulse buy at the local Borders. (Bookstores are like crack dealers to me...) It's about the 1980 US Hockey team and is an excellent look at the lives - pre and post Olympics - of the players. Coffey weaves their stories throughout a nearly blow-by-blow description of the game against the Soviets. He even tells the stories of several of the key Soviet players and coaches. I blew through the book in just a couple days. Highly recommended.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Wizzer With The Queen

My post about worldwide bathrooms, and reference to Muenchrath, reminded me of a semi-bathroom related story from our 2004 trip to Italy and Spain. Matt and I, along with a couple other friends from college (one from mine, one from his) spent a month in Europe, two weeks each in Italy and Spain.

In Italy, on the train ride from Rome to Florence, Matt met a couple Australian chaps, Simon and Patrick. We hit it off and ended up staying in the same pension as them, all six of us in one room! (Special note: our group was split two males and two females, so the room ended up with four males and two females).

At one point during the trip, I believe while drinking pints at the Fiddler's Elbow one night, we got to comparing accents. We asked them to do an American accent and they promptly imitated John Wayne. They then asked us to do an Aussie one. Someone decided to use the phrase "wizzer" (bathroom reference) in their imitation, probably because the Aussie guys had been saying that. After we tried they responded, mocking our attempt as being too British and not Aussie at all:

"What are you doing? Taking a wizzer with the queen?"

It was that point, 13.5 years ago, that the phrase "take a wizzer with the queen" or "going to visit the queen" became a personal euphemism for going to the bathroom. If you're with someone else in on the joke you can make it a two person dialog as well:

Me: I'm going to take a wizzer.

You: With the queen? (in faux British/Aussie/Scot/Irish accent, what ever it comes out as)

Finally, everything came together for me on this phrase a little over a year ago when I was at someone's apartment and they actually had a framed photo of the Queen in their bathroom. I finally got the chance to take a wizzer with the queen.

New Lyon Films Website

We re-did the website for our film/video company, Lyon Films. Check out the new version here: Lots of photos from the sets of our projects as well as video clips from some of our work. More to come as well!

Paul Bryant at Design Point Inc. did the site for us. He also does a ton of print design work for us and is a great designer.

Crazy Skateboard Crash

Amazing crash last night on the X-Games on ESPN. Words don't do it justice, so here is the videoclip. Know in advance that the guy, Jake Brown, ended up OK despite falling about 50 feet. He landed so hard that his shoes flew off!

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Bathroom Diaries

Great idea that I've often thought about doing, most likely as a book. My foreign travels and travels across the US have caused me to encounter many a water closet. Ask Matt Muenchrath sometime about the crappy - literally - bathroom at the train station in Italy in the Cique Terra. Hole in the ground with a spot for your feet...