Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Great Day In Oregon Sports

1. The Linfield Wildcats' softball team won the DIII National Championship today in convincing fashion. The "8 Run Rule" was invoked in the 6th inning! Congrats 'Cats! That's the first softball national championship for Linfield, and perhaps more importantly, the first for a female sports team. Soon, Linfield might be known as a "softball" school along with its football reputation.

2. The Blazers defied the odds and won the NBA lottery, vaulting from #6 to #1! They had a 5 percent chance to get the top pick...and they got it. Now, I was kinda rooting for the #2 pick, because I prefer Kevin Durant to Greg Oden. But, who knows, the Blazers might buck conventional wisdom and go with Durant.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Athletic Supporters

For our first wedding anniversary, my wife gave me an autographed baseball with Ken Griffey Jr. and Alex Rodriguez on the same ball (and All-Star game ball). At the time, they both played for the Seattle Mariners.

I suppose she was unable to get her hands on something like this.

PS- For a long time, the gag gift that was passed around my family at Christmas time during the secret Santa exchange was a jock strap. Seriously. Literary Girl will vouch for me. And I have no idea what happened to it.

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Meet The Robinsons: 3-D

If you have the opportunity to see Disney's Meet The Robinsons in 3-D, run and don't walk to the nearest theater playing that version. The girls and I went to see it today and, in addition to being a fun and well done story, the 3-D is incredible.

This isn't your father's (or grandfather's in my girls' case) 3-D, the old 70s/80s cheesy stuff. The technology has improved remarkably and in combination with digital cinema it creates a whole new theater-going experience. The image is rich, and perhaps most incredible, it has DEPTH. Yes, some things come off the screen, but the really amazing stuff is that the image goes deep into the screen.

I was already excited to see the movie after attending the National Association of Broadcasters convention last month. My business partner and I attended several seminars on digital cinema and one was a panel discussion with the director of Meet the Robinsons, Stephen Anderson, and a slew of the technical staff that made the film. They discussed how the 3-D process worked and showed us clips from the movie, in 3-D of course.

Yes, it will likely cost you a little more (they tacked another $2.50 on the price, ostensibly for the glasses but also probably because a whole different projector and screen is needed for 3-D), but it is worth every single penny.

Great Song Fodder

The best thing about this Boston Pops fight story is that you just KNOW Ben Folds will write a future song about this incident.

Oh, and by the way, my wife and I are seeing Ben Folds open for John Mayer on June 1. Very excited, since I haven't seen Ben before (have seen John Mayer, who is great live).

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Human Directionals

Next time you see someone waving a sign to that big mattress sale or new housing projects, don't poo-poo it. Turns out it's big business.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Tainted Love, er Food

My cousin over at Literary Girl is glad she's a vegetarian because of a newly discovered tainted chicken scare.

Six words: The Great 2006 Tainted Spinach Scare.

I couldn't enjoy my favorite Garlic Jim's Pizza for a couple months because it had spinach on it. *Sigh* I just had to get an all meat version for a bit. (And, note, I always add grilled chicken to this pizza...)