Friday, April 27, 2007

These Go To 11

Today is our 11th wedding anniversary, so here are 11 reasons I love my wife (in no particular order):

1. She's beautiful;
2. She puts up with me, whether I am goofy, stubborn, cynical, lazy or opinionated;
3. She can be even more stubborn than me;
4. Hannah Jane;
5. Grace Elizabeth;
6. She is an awesome mother;
7. She let ME use the Spinal Tap reference for my blog entry, even though she thought of it for her's;
8. She completes my sentences, in fact many times I don't even have to say anything she just knows;
9. She is caring toward others and is concerned and supportive of them;
10. She let me quit my job;
11. She loves me.

David Halberstam

Sports Guy, Bill Simmons, has a nice piece on David Halberstam and, specifically, his book Breaks of the Game.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Placement Firm

Here's a synopsis of the short film Devon and I are shooting in May. Goal is 7-8 min. short to submit to film festivals:

The Placement Firm

It's 20+ years in the future and a large American metropolitan area has adopted a unique way to control population growth: a 500 mile long, 10 foot high concrete wall. New residents must apply and be accepted to live within the wall. A rebel group/business, The Placement Firm, works with local employers to smuggle new workers into the metropolitan area when all legal avenues have been tried. Their most recent client is an engineering firm in need of a new engineer and Kate, a local attorney and member of The Placement Firm, is tasked with bringing him in. But for this project Kate has more personal motives.

Thursday, April 19, 2007 there anybody in there?

Yeah, I am still alive. But noting that my last post was March 7, roughly equivalent to when I started the new job adventure, well you can connect the dots.

All zero of you that are reading, anyway.

Maybe I'll find time to update soon, especially on the goings on with the new short film Devon and I are shooting in May.