Wednesday, February 28, 2007


From today's Oregonian sports section "The Light Side":

Then there's the Denver Post's Jim Armstrong, who wonders: "What's this? Some French lab mishandled Floyd Landis' urine samples? I dont know about you, but when the world's got me down, I remind myself that I could be a French urine-sample handler."

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Vegas, Baby

Spent Monday and Tuesday in Las Vegas for a video shoot for one of our clients. So I wouldn't have to lug the equipment down, and so we'd actually get good looking video, we hired a local cinematographer to shoot if for us. We found him by posting a request on an internet site that specializes in professional video cameras. Low and behold, we struck it rich.

I worked with Shane Valdez, a local indie filmmaker, cinematographer and director. His short films have won awards at several prominent film festivals, and he was accepted and showed one of his films at Sundance this year. He's shot for CSI, directed a episode of What Not To Wear in Vegas, and did recent videos for Jewel, Jet and Panic! At The Disco.

And he helped us shoot a corporate video today!

It was fun and Shane was great to work with. As the footage was being transferred from hard drive to DVD we talked a lot about indie film and how he was able to break in via film festivals. Very encouraging for me since that is a goal of mine. In fact, we talked about working together in the future on an short, and I'll definitely find a way to make that happen.

Doors open in the strangest places...

Sunday, February 25, 2007


Chief Running Miles blogs like once every two months, so when he does you know it's good. Read his latest about a clown assassination in Bogata, Columbia.

Friday, February 23, 2007

Friday Update

- Went to the annual Father/Daughter Dance @ my daughters' elementary school. Check out the pics over at My Day;

- Former Linfield QB Brett Elliott will be playing for the Rhein Fire in NFL Europe this season. Wondering if I can get any of those games here in Oregon....

- BMW/Mini Cooper have a funny new promotion, a series of "mini" movies called Hammer & Coop starring a talking car and 70's-ish action hero. Funny stuff.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Dave Is Back

I have mixed feelings about the recently announced Van Halen reunion for a several reasons:

1. David Lee Roth is really pretty nuts;
2. Eddie Van Halen has also gone a bit off the deep end over the past few years (Exhibit 1: His last music recorded was done as a soundtrack for a porn film. No, I am not making that up. Exhibit 2: He blamed his recent tongue cancer not on his lifelong smoking habit but on metal guitar picks he'd hold in his mouth. And he's back to smoking.);
3. Eddie's relationship with original bassist Michael Anthony is so deteriorated that Anthony was not invited to participate. Eddie's teen son, Wolfgang, will be playing bass (and to be fair he's actually quite an accomplished musician, apparently).
4. This, to me, adds up to circus freakshow.
5. Is 3/4 of the original Van Halen any more/less Van Halen than with Sammy on lead vocals, when they were also at 3/4 original strength? And, btw, I liked both versions of Van Halen.

That said, I'm a Van Halen fan, and I've never seen them with Roth. So the debate will rage between now and when tix go on sale: should I go?

UPDATE: Looks like the tour is already in jeopardy if not completely canceled. Stay tuned...

Monday, February 12, 2007

Here Comes The Matrix

"Thinking" computers aren't that far off with Intel's announcement about their latest chip:

"Intel says its advance will help usher in an era when computers think more like people do, recognizing faces and connecting patterns in a way that only human brains can today."

The new "tera-scale chip" has 80 cores! To put that into perspective, the MacBook Pro I am using right now uses the latest Intel dual-core chip. That's two cores. And now Intel is developing an 80 core chip! Very interesting article with more on how far off that technology is from reality.

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Saturday, February 10, 2007

What's Next? State Poet Laureate?

There is an interesting flap here in Oregon right now. The Governor is upset with the state climatologist because the latter isn't toeing the line on the issue dujour: global warming. So, Governor Kulongoski (or Kulio as my friend Trish calls him and which I also prefer) has told Oregon State University, where the climatologist is a professor, to strip him of the title. Kulio says that only HE speaks for the state on climate matters.

Now, note that Kulio is an attorney by training, a former Attorney General and State Supreme Court Justice. I don't know if he ever took a climate or meteorology course in college.

So, this begs the question: What other official state titles might Kulio angle for if he doesn't like the views of the person in the position? Perhaps:

- State Economist ("I disagree with the State Economists opinion of the impact of my proposed tax increases on the economy.")

- State Chief Medical Examiner ("I love CSI.")

- State Epidemiologist ("I've got the fever, and the only cure is more cowbell.")

- State Poet Laureate ("I prefer iambic pentameter.")

Friday, February 09, 2007

Sports Cards

I was searching the garage for something tonight and came across my shoebox of sports cards. Baseball, football and basketball, they're all in there. Not a ton, I was prolific like some kids, but I have football cards dating to 1979 and baseball to 1982, and sporadic years after that. So here are some highlights I pulled out:

1982 Topps "Highlight" Fernando Valenzuela #6: One of my favorite cards as a kid since I am a big Dodger fan.

Although I've always hated the Cowboys, I was a Tony Dorsett fan because as a kid living in Hawaii I saw him play in the 1977 Hula Bowl as a Senior at Pitt. This is the 1979 Topps Tony Dorsett card.

A few years ago, I could have cared less about Ken Anderson. But now that I am a rabid Div. III football fan (because of Linfield), I know that Anderson is probably the most famous Div. III football player ever to play in the NFL. He played collegiately at Augustana. This is his 1978 Topps card.

Which brings me to my latest purchase, the 2006 Brett Elliott rookie card. I was the only person to bid on it on eBay, so snapped it up for a cool .99 plus $1.50 shipping. (OK, technically my wife is the eBay expert in the household, so she bid and won it.) Brett will play in NFL Europe this spring, which keeps his NFL dream alive. Whether he ever makes it or not, I figured as a Linfield alum I should own the rookie card of the best player in the history of Linfield College. Oh, and check this out: Brett is listed at 6'5" and 233lb, while skinny Ken Anderson was 6'2" and 210lbs.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

Three for Thursday

1. Know that whole thing in my video about sleeping in? Yeah, right. I got up at 5A this morning to make it to a meeting at 6:30A for my new company;

2. Interesting Zogby poll on the movie habits of Americans.

3. And this story from the southern Oregon town of Reedsport, 30 mins north of the town I grew up in:

A Reedsport man thought a snorkeler was a nutria swimming in the Smith River and shot him in the head, sheriff's officials said today.

William Roderick, 60, told police he shot John Chessman, 44, of Marcola, with a .22 -caliber rifle by mistake Tuesday afternoon, said Dwes Hutson, Douglas County sheriff's spokesman.

When Roderick realized he'd shot a person, he helped Chessman to shore and to help, Hutson said. Roderick was arrested and being held in the Douglas County Jail on allegations of second-degree assault, felon in possession of a weapon, and possession of methamphetamine and marijuana.

Chessman was in stable condition at OHSU Hospital in Portland.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Happy Belated Groundhog Day

To celebrate, read this two-year-old piece by Jonah Goldberg at National Review about how great - and meaningful - Groundhog Day the movie is...Meanwhile, I am watching the DVD of the film, which I received for Christmas, right now.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Quit

I've quit my job. No, seriously, I gave the boss notice a week ago. I've decided to join my friend as a fulltime partner in Command Consulting, a communication and public affairs firm we co-founded. I'll work fulltime at the Home Builders Association through February, and then go part time on contract with them for a couple months while they find my replacement.

And, yes, my wife is very supportive!

So, here is how we told the entire HBA staff this morning that I am leaving. We sent them an email with the link to this video on YouTube: