Saturday, February 25, 2006

More Props for Elliott

ESPN senior NFL writer Len Pasquarelli chimes in on Elliott's lack of invite to the combine, and assesses his odds of making the NFL. Nice piece.

By the way, big props go to Elliott's agent, too, who has gotten two very similar stories (Elliott's combine snub is unfair) into two top online sports sites. Nice work.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Sports Update

Let Elliott Play

Nice piece from CBS Sportline's senior writer Clark Judge arguing why it's ridiculous that Linfield QB Brett Elliott didn't get invited to this weekend's NFL Combine. Nice to see a national voice giving Elliott the props he deserves;

What Are Colorado's Sex Offender Laws?

It's official: I can return to rooting for the Portland Trail Blazers. Whether I will is another story. Nonetheless, I dropped my fan status with the Blazers when they signed sex offender Rueben Patterson, and now that they've finally sent him packing (to Denver) I can return. If I choose. Seriously, because of his modified plea in Seattle, the kind where you don't admit guilt but admit that the evidence would convict you, for forcing his nanny to have oral sex with him, Patterson had to register as a sex offender in Oregon. And at the time he did that, he lived in the same town as I did, so I requested the sex offender list for my zip code from the state police. And, there he is. Good riddance, Mr. Patterson. Don't forget to check the sex offender laws in Colorado.

Some Prices Are Too High Even for Billionaires

Another Blazer report
from yesterday reveals that they are expected to lose $100 million per year over the next three years. So, apparently they are going begging to local government. You know what, I have little sympathy because of moves like the one above that completely alienated fans. But it is interesting that even billionaire's have a limit on how much cash they'll flush down the toilet.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Mean Street

Rented a house at the beach for the Presidents Day weekend, and Saturday the girls flipped on the clock radio in their room. It was on a hard rock station, and from the bathroom I could pick out the tune:

Mean Street, by Van Halen.

And my girls were just jamming out. It was sweet.

What was also sweet was that the station went somewhat off the beaten track to play a sweet, old, Van Halen song, Mean Street from Fair Warning. Fair Warning (title coming from a line in Mean Street), as well as Women and Children First, are usually overlooked in the Van Halen catalog. But both rock hard. Mean Street is a little darker, Women and Children First a little more playful.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Big Star

New Heinekin commercial during the Grammy's tonight featured a tune from Big Star, "I'm In Love With A Girl". It took 30 years, but folks are finally appreciating Big Star on a broader level.

Garage rock/post-punk/grunge groups have always tipped their hats to Alex Chilton and the rest of the band. But now others are discovering them. It started with That 70's Show choosing "In The Street" for its theme song (although remade).

Pick up #1 Record/Radio City. You won't be disappointed.

Speaking of Music

Borrowed two CDs today from two co-workers:

1. Brad Paisley's new one.

2. AC/DC Live: Collectors Edition

Starting out to be an odd February.