Monday, October 31, 2005

Top Internet Phrases

Google, and Yahoo to some extent, have created an interesting new market: Internet search phrases. Basically, they auction off phrases for the simple text ads that appear on the edge next to search results. A person pays per "click through" for the phrase. Everytime someone clicks the link in the ad, the company placing the ad pays Google (or Yahoo).

Today's USA Today lists the Top Five most expensive key word phrases in October, here they are:

1. "Chicago personal injury attorney" = $50 (per click through)
2. "Mesothelioma" = $42.57
3. "Laser hair removal New York" = $38.50
4. "Life insurance settlement" = $38.09
5. "San Diego DUI attorney" = $37.01

Your job is to now search all those phrases, then click through the ads...kidding.

Wonder what "money grubbing ambulance chasing attorney" goes for?

Happy Birthday Beautiful

My eldest daughter turns seven today. As she gets older it becomes harder and harder to understand how time goes by so fast.

It doesn't seem like seven years ago that her mother and I were at St. Vincent's Hospital in Portland, walking the halls to try to speed up labor. We'd left for the hospital about 9A, with my wife having had contractions for about 5 hours by then. Bless her heart, she let me sleep until 7a!

Hannah wouldn't join us until later that night, in fact at one point we thought she might miss the Halloween birthday and come on November 1. But, nope, she came on Halloween.

So, happy birthday, my beautiful girl. Thank you for seven wonderful years!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

Vote Elliott for Heisman

Linfield QB Brett Elliott is one of the candidates the public can choose from to receive Heisman votes. Click here to vote!

You can vote once a week (per email address, so if you have more than one, use 'em!) through December 7.

Elliott sits in 7th right now, and has been rapidly making up ground on #6 Reggie Bush. Special thanks to readers at who are rallying across the country to vote for Elliott and help give D3 football publicity nationally.

Thursday, October 06, 2005

Send Error Report?

Some Quick Hits:

-Watching a Tivo'd version of the Sept. 28 episode of CSI:NY last Sunday when something caught my eye (figuratively). It was a graphic tease for the 11p local news and it ran on the bottom of the screen. I actually stopped, rewound the show, and paused the frame to show my wife. Here is what it said:

TOP STORY: Kitten Thrown From Moving Car.

Kathleen Hall Jamieson is a professor at the Annenberg School of Journalism at the University of Pennsylvania and a noted researcher in the field of political advertising. She also studies and writes about television news, particularly as it relates to political campaigns. She once wrote that local television news actually makes people more stupid. It is clear why.

-Sports Guy (Bill Simmons) at Page 2 has a re-run of his column on "Great High School Yearbook Quotes." Funny read, highly recommended.

-When Windows invariably freezes up and must close a program, a dialog box opens that asks if you would like to send an Error Report to them. I always click "Don't Send Error Report" for some reason.

As often as this occurs to me, it must occur billions of times each day based on the number of people using Windows. So, there is no way in the world they can possibly be analyzing all those error reports. And, with the continued crappines of the Windows system, obviously if they are reading them they aren't fixing the problems very well.